March 9, 2020 • BY Laurie Joy

What a Photo Shoot Can Do For You!

Dressing in Layers is Key!

It’s incredible what a photoshoot can do for a girl these days. Don’t get me wrong, when I started to think about having to show up on the date that I had booked months previously for my newest photoshoot I really didn’t want to. Why? Well because like any good woman I’m hard on myself. And so I thought do I really want to bother doing my hair putting on my makeup and God forbid finding a outfit for this body?

If you haven’t been following me or my tribulations with my weight as of late, you will know that my thyroid is out of whack, and I’m trying desperately to get the answers that I need. So when it comes to putting an outfit on a body that I really don’t recognize these days I have to tell you that the photo shoot is the last fucking thing I wanted to do.

So in this particular blog today I’m going to tell you not only why I chose choose to do photoshoots, what they can do for your psyche as a woman, how I change my mini photo shoot too many different looks in a matter of seconds and how you can do it too!

Pictures by Maria Maria Photography

 Let’s start with the things that I bring to a photoshoot. First and foremost I dress in layers and those particular layers are very versatile. So for example, in this particular photo shoot that I did I wore dark blue denim skinny jeans which can easily be dressed up or dress down. I initially wore shiny new black boots with my outfit but brought my new Adidas Superstar white runners with me to change into. I also wore a long sleeve black shirt again which could be dressed up with the right jewellery or could just be plain black and dress down. I then chose to wear camel coloured coat again dressing in layers so I could have shoots with the coat on and with the coat off. When it came time to change, I didn’t have to run to a bathroom or take 10 minutes to do it. Off came the boots, on went the sneakers, I rolled up my jeans, popped off my coat, pushed up the sleeves of my shirt and BOOM, a brand new look in 30 seconds.

I also will bring props with me. Some of my pictures have me holding a microphone, which is great when I am promoting speaking and training with me to speak. I then chose to bring with me my planner and my laptop and a book all of which fit around the theme of the photoshoot and what I was actually using the photos for. I love the laptop shots and didn’t have any. I also have been promoting reading one book a month for this entire year, so having a book with me that I’ve read is also great. Feel free to use props from the places you are taking photos at if that’s applicable. (cups, glasses, drinks, food if at any coffee shops or restaurants).

Let’s talk about where I have my photo shoots. This particular one was in a very new, very well-lit hotel at our waterfront which made for not only beautiful pictures but for beautiful backdrop as well. We had access to fireplaces, to the outdoors, to restaurants to large framed art to psychedelic glass walls all of which we could move about and take all different types of pictures from.

Now, if you own your own business and you’ve had to have professional pictures you know why these photoshoots are so important. Nowadays I will often take very candid pictures and place them on my Instagram in particular because the algorithm now favours non-profesh photos.
But I do use these particular professional photos for my media kit that I will send out when pitching to speak at a particular event. I will use these pictures for my lead pages so that they are crisp and beautiful and lovely so that when people are first learning about me and what it is I do they see a beautiful picture which means that I mean business. I’m not standing with my arm in a selfie picture against my fence in the backyard. Take the time and invest the money in your business and get a great picture taken of you. I also use these for profile pictures or for cover photos or posters that I may put out for my particular brand.

I will often but these mini photo shoots that take about 45 minutes quarterly, so you can update your look and feel of your business, as well as have some seasonal photos on hand.
Love yourself and your business, and book your next photo shoot soon!