January 27, 2017 • BY Laurie Joy

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Organization for Moms

I am so excited you’ve landed here! I have a gift for you today!

Ever wonder where the times goes when you’re a mom?

Wasn’t it just yesterday that you were bringing home that precious newborn bundle?

Wasn’t it just yesterday that you were a swinging single and had more time on your hands then you knew what to do with?

And now that you’re a mom, your days are a whirlwind of hockey, dance, barfing kids, shitty diapers, spit up on your clean blouse, and pizza pockets from the freezer for supper…if you’re lucky!

No judgement here mama, just solutions for your camp chaos. So that you can get back to what matters and do it without losing your freaking mind or temper every day.

So, let’s get our shit together, get out of overwhelm, organize our time and our house so that we can sit down to a nice, hot cup of coffee/tea once in awhile and regain some sense of sanity.

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I have always been an organized person. From the time of my school days and university days I have always been that person who had the binders, with the dividers for each subject, a clean locker (for fear of the mice that lived in our school at the time), and did a lot with my time, and always had time for it.

Fast forward to having a son, and shit went sideways. Do you know what I’m talking about? I lived for the first two years of my son’s life in a FOG. I didn’t get dressed some days…I didn’t bathe on a regular basis…I had to keep track of when my son breast fed on which boob with a notepad.

I didn’t go outside because it was winter and I had a newborn and was a first time mom and just didn’t go. Plain and simple.

But, when I FINALLY woke up (from my mama funk) I realized that I needed to make some changes in this life, of where I was lost in it, or it would get the better of me.

Daily Planner

And so I began to not only move my ass (which I wanted to shrink, but that’s a whole other blog topic), but I began to READ more than I had in a loooong time and I learned about ways to expedite my time and make it work for me.

Here’s What I Did:

  • I went out and got myself a yearly paper planner that had the breakdown with the hours of the day on it
  • I started to  colour coordinate my days in order to SEE where I could have more free time in my days/week
  • I put my family on alert that I was going to be finding some time in the week for ME and they all agreed that that was important (happy wife, happy life)!
  • I got a kick ass, mother of a calendar to put on the fridge so that I could start to get everyone’s activities all in one place (especially my hubby’s activities and work travel) *MotherWord Mom Ultimate 16-Month Magnetic Wall Calendar is my favourite and you can pick up that puppy at Walmart
  • I took one of the productivity hacks that I had learned through my self journey of turning my own shit show into my mojo and applied it to EVERYTHING I did. My housework, my business, my free time and then taught it to my 6 year old son and my husband so that we could have less, let’s say “discussions” around cleaning the house and chores (see that in the free download for today)!
  • I changed my nightime routine so that I could use a journal to dump all the ideas out of my head and then sleep a WHOLE lot better!

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My Question to You Is: 

What are some of your favourite time savers? Post them in the comments below.


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