July 7, 2017 • BY Laurie Joy

Ten Ways to Honour Yourself as a Mama

It’s the toughest job in the world. Give yourself some credit.

Being a mom can be the most rewarding and yet stressful time in our lives. We love them with all our heart, we would do anything for them, but why, do we as moms not give ourselves the same love, breaks, rewards and forgiveness we so lovingly dole out on everyone else?

Because somewhere, some place deep, in our DNA we have been taught, shown, told and constantly reminded that we do for others and tend to ourselves last!

I call bullshit on this ladies.

In fact, that’s what my WHOLE movement is about! Moms putting themselves first, loving themselves more, and living a fulfilling life.

If you’re into a little more of that for yourself…then enjoy these ways to spread a little more joy and love into your life!

Ten Ways to Honour Yourself:

  1. Give Yourself a Freaking Badge of Honour -being a mom is fucking hard work and you deserve every accolade you receive today and every day.
  1. Sit in Peace – even if that means leaving the house or the country! Have moments when you can be still and quiet and reflective and let your body and mind rest and rejuvenate.
  1. Tell Your Family What You Need in Terms of Help – don’t go through this alone. People love you and will help you. Reach out.
  1. Stop being so hard on your body. So, you have droopy mom boobs or you pee slightly when you cough, or have a few extra pounds hanging on to you for dear life. It’s okay.  Your children love you no matter what size you are.
  1. And if you have babies that didn’t pop out your hoo hoo then bless you mama for opening up your heart and home to a child and loving and raising them as your very own. More people should do this.
  1. If you have made mistakes as a mama then for fuck sakes, forgive yourself. They don’t come with a manual and you’re doing the best you can with what you’ve got.
  1. Try not to worry so much. We all want what’s best for our children but if you lay awake at night worrying about all that has or can go wrong. Spend less time worrying and more time leading them by example.
  1. And it’s okay to not be happy all the time as a mama. Some days you will lose your shit, want to pack up a backpack and hit the road with a thumb up and a leg out.
  1. You’re not a bad mom if shit isn’t always homemade or from scratch. Lunches. Muffins. Cakes. Cakes. Cookies. Halloween costumes, etc.  Give yourself a break and pay people to do that shit. If your kids want homemade cookies in their lunch, spend an afternoon with them and do it together. Teach them. So they can eventually do it for themselves.
  1. Let yourself be loved and told you’re amazing today and BELIEVE IT! Today is your day. Enjoy it, love it, revel in it and celebrate YOU!
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If you are a HECK YA to this list, then you are my kinda mama!

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My Question to You Is:

Of the ten listed above, which do you need to implement a little more into your life? Let me know in the comments below.

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