July 16, 2018 • BY Laurie Joy

Some Shitty Statistics Around Goal Setting

And perhaps why you’re stuck in a fucking rut!

Here is the saddest little number I’ve ever heard around resolutions.

Ready for it? 8% of people hit their resolutions. WTF? Are you kidding me? 8%! That’s sad, wouldn’t you agree? How can we change that? Let’s take a look at some more interesting numbers and let me help you change your mind, should you wish to add to the measly 8%.

I will admit it, I too have been a person who, at the beginning of the year has set me some lofty goals. This year is going to be MY YEAR because I am going to do XYZ. Do you feel me, mama? Have you been there? Talk to me. Tell me I”m not the only one out here who has followed the lemmings, as they say. But, in that discovery of that sad little statistic, I decided to make a change. Make a shift of sorts, in not only my life, but in the life of my mamas. Cause that’s how I roll.

So, insert the Mojo Mama Mantra Cards and my monthly coaching group, Grow Like a Mother. True story: the mantra cards that I sell and share each Monday on my Instagram Stories account (as inspiration to you) sat on my computer for OVER A YEAR! Why? Fear.

I was afraid no one would like them. No one would use them. No one would buy them.

Yup, I’m human just like you. But, helping more mamas is what I am about, so I decided to take the file to the printers and the rest is history.

Hence, today’s card that I am sharing with you is:


But I am sure that the 8% of the people that are going to hit their resolutions are going to be the women in my monthly coaching group! Why?  Because they are surrounded by beautiful mamas who wish to be and do more. Mamas who need just a little helping hand to get shit done. (don’t we all?) Because when we hit our goals, mamas, and we make change, we affect everyone around us. We are like … I often tell my moms, we’re like a ripple in the water. When we throw or cast a stone, and the ripple, right, of the water, the rings move outwards. This is what happens when we change ourselves. This is what happens when we invest in ourselves. We work together as a beautiful community.


ANOTHER STATISTIC:  The average person makes the same resolution 10 times without success. Isn’t that amazing?


Here’s What You Can Do:

  • Invest in yourself and your goals by joining the Grow Like a Mother Community by checking it out here
  • Make the decision that the last 6 months of 2018 are NOT going to go by in vain.
  • Decide that this is your time. You can do more in that last half of a year than in several years combined of the past.
  • Decide if you are going to be a statistic…like the 92% who DO NOT hit their goals.


My Question to You Is:
Will you decide and do what you’ve always wanted. Or will you be the one waiting until January of 2019 to set the SAME goals once again?