June 16, 2017 • BY Laurie Joy

The Save Your Sanity this Summer Series

Where I share tips, tricks & tools to save your mama sanity just in time for summer.

So like it or not, the countdown is on to the end of the school year!

The time where teachers rejoice, kids are elated for their freedom and parents, especially us moms, CRINGE!

Whether you are braving the open roads with a family road trip, #arewethereyet or or spending every day at home with your kiddos, I am going to be sharing with you tips in order to keep your kids busy and your sanity intact.

So starting on Friday, June 16th I will be sharing a FREE tip, trick or tool that you can use to get ready for summer and not be stuck holding onto your head while the kids take over the house.

The series will go EVERY DAY until the end of June and then mama, you’ll be set and ready and poised and in control! #howfrickingamazing

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Are you dreading…?

  • The bickering between siblings
  • The “can I have a snack?” question every 5 minutes
  • The I’m bored mantra that they like to repeat every 5 minutes
  • There’s nothing to do syndrome that seems to strike toddlers, pre-teens and teenagers alike within the first week out of school
  • The kids taking over your house, your space and your sanity
  • Having to entertain them and then discipline them every time you turn around #whenisschoolbackin

So, while we may not be able to keep boredom totally at bay, there are some things you can do to create almost perfect conditions for more fun, more family time, and LESS STRESS FOR YOU!

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My Question to You Is:

What are some of your favourite summer sanity savers?
Post them in the comments below.

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