January 4, 2019 • BY Laurie Joy

My Year in Review

Another year in the books! Whew! That went freaking fast! I’m sure if you’re reading this you can relate…wasn’t it JUST back to school? I find it incredible how fast a year goes by, especially when you have kids.

My son’s  birthday is in January, then it’s March break, then the end of school and hello summer! Then, back to school, Christmas and then here we are again facing down yet another New Year’s Eve.

I often get to the end of a year and in thinking back, I miss a lot of things that we did as a family as well as personal accomplishments too. And then I think, oh yeah, I became a published author, am selling my mantra cards and workbooks in local stores, held an incredible Moms Make a Difference Event in my hometown, I am launching another aspect of my business (Growing Globals), and hosted a very successful Gift Back for my local community this past November!

Mom’s Make a Difference Event
Fill a Stocking Event

Business and Babes:

I will be honest here, I struggle a lot with finding the perfect balance for my son and time with him and my business. During the school year we have precious hours together each day (early in the am before school) and after school to bed time. I really do try NOT to be on my computer or a Live training during those hours, but holy shit the bed, it’s hard. And therefore, I will continue to work on that goal and balance in the New Year.

We did implement a few amazing routines this year around iPad time, and after school routines. I made some firm rules and some beautiful printables that go with it, and you can find them in the Files section of my free group HERE if you’d like.

New Mamas:

While The Mojo Mama continues to grow each year, I have a solid group of my #originalmamas who stick with me and move forward with their lives and training as I do. Call it, ‘sympatico’ and I love it and them. Meeting new mamas and bringing them into my world is super exciting, because I know when they allow themselves to be first on their list and invest in themselves, incredible things happen. I’ve seen it time and time again, and it starts with my FREE Challenges that I host. Talk about a non threatening and scary way to start getting your shit together…then this is where it’s at! Join the 5 Day Challenge for January, called New Year New Mama and see how you can truly start to live a gifted life.

Building the Business:

If you haven’t heard, I have incredible women in my life. And with the help of them, The Mojo Mama becomes more and more gorgeous and profitable each year. It begins with my website designer Milena and guru of ‘pretty’, helping me with all the ideas and needs and wants that I come up with! I have a Virtual Assistant now who helps me with all things techy. I love to make it, but I don’t always know how to get it out to you, so Cindy and Adayah help me with that. Research and making things legal are dealt with by my handy and dandy assistant Ellen, whom I am thankful for each day! Beautiful memories are captured for all things social media by Maria Maria Photography who is amazingly talented. Don’t believe me, see our newest photo shoot with her on our Growing Globals page HERE. Once an idea and passion becomes a business, it takes a village of talented woman whom I adore.

Big Changes:

I decided NOT to run my Masterminds this year. I’m sorry to all the mamas out there who were finally ready to join, and then I didn’t decide to run them. Why? Well, it was a number of things. The biggest reason was that I couldn’t see my mamas face to face and help them the way I knew I could. I wanted to have them in my living room each month and really make a huge freaking difference in their lives.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some mamas who have come through a 4 month training with me and have kicked some MAJOR ass, but there were those ones that didn’t. And I felt drained and deflated because of it.  I work better face to face and while I could easily jump on a Zoom call each week it wasn’t lighting me up anymore and I needed a break.

But then, at the end of this year around the end of October, I was missing that connection with my mamas. An entire year went by and I needed to train, coach, share and kick ass. So from Nov 15th – Dec 15th I held a one off. Yup, one month with me and them and we got clear and got motivated and got going to end the year strong. And it was AWESOME! I loved it and I really missed it.

Keeping it Simple:

I coach on this all the time. And this year, I had a major “aha” around keeping shit simple. In January of 2018 I began a group called Grow Like a Mother and we began goal setting. Which is a feat in itself just to start, but then to keep it going all year long! But that’s just what we did. We chose ONE goal a month and kept it going all year long, well, some did. Ha. But in doing this exercise with my mamas, I learned a valuable lesson as well. K.I.S.S. And so this year, this is what I decided to do. Focus on one thing a month, set that goal and then crush it. It was fantastic! That group too has run its course, but the monthly goal setting booklet is available to buy and take you through the process for the entire year. You can get it on my Amazon Page here soon.

Learning to Let Go:

With owning a business comes a lot of ups and downs. The highs are great and exhilarating but the lows sometimes are really taxing. Mamas come and go in my life in terms of my business, which is understandable, but also people in my personal life come and go as well. People who I have been there for, they are gone. Done. Facebook friends OFF and they are out of your life forever. Sometimes, at the beginning of my Mojo Mama business when a mama would leave, I would take it personally. Be sad. Wonder what I did to make her go. But as time goes on, I have learned to love and release. Knowing that some women will come into my life to serve a purpose and then move on. A lot of my mamas find themselves and then move on to other coaches who can help them with their next phase of life, and I am content and thankful for that.

My Brain on Overdrive:

Having a brain that doesn’t stop thinking and inventing and creating can be both a blessing and a curse all at the same time. I am constantly thinking of new ways to serve my mamas and achieve my dreams once and for all. I am thankful for my Mastermind Group who I hang out with three times a year and am constantly on Marco Polo with who give me the gumption and guidance to get my ass in gear and being bold with my BHAG (big hairy ass goals). I constantly turn to them with what I am stumped with, what I am thinking of next and when I have hit and when I’ve totally shit the bed (proverbially speaking).

Learning New Things this Year:

I am a podcast and book reading girl ALL THE WAY! And I learn best from people who I respect, know and really love. People like Amy Porterfield and her ‘Online Marketing Made Easy’ Podcast, Chris Harder and his ‘For the Love of Money’ Podcast, Stu McLaren and his ‘Marketing Your Business’ Podcast too.
Watch for my list of great books to read too this year…as part of my Growing Globals Membership opening SOON!

Personal Wins: 

We booked our cruise with Royal Caribbean again for this March Break! We will be on the Navigator of the Seas and traveling to Labadee, Haiti and Aruba, Curacao and Bon Aire! I’m super excited to be going back to Bon Aire as it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve traveled to and I am going to go on the Zip Line in Haiti this year. Last year I watched (with fear) and this year the hubs and I are going to do it! I also am going to do a ½ triathlon with a friend on mine in the Spring of 2019! Wish me luck!

What Do I Want in 2019!

This upcoming year is both super exciting and a wee bit nerve wracking for me. I’ve been searching for and talking about doing what is called Growing Globals for quite some time. Searching for a charity to partner up with, and then teaching our children responsibility through giving back. It’s finally happening…the chance to join me along with your children in what I want to be a global movement. I am beyond thrilled to offer Growing Globals to mamas (if you’re in my inner circle – in my group or on my email you will be notified first) around the world! Follow us HERE.
I also want to keep things simple and SUPER streamlined this upcoming year. I have learned a lot about running a business online and cannot wait to focus on 2 things to grow my business this new year. Watch out for what I am doing in my Instagram Stories (always the inside scoop there)!

How I Can Help You in 2019:

I am hosting the New Year New Mama Challenge this year again! It’s a bang up way to get your shit aligned and ready for 2019! You can register HERE.

I’m excited to announce Growing Globals and all that is going to be. My mamas in my inner circle will find out first and have the chance to join before it opens to the public! Join my group HERE.

My workbook, and top ten tips to get your Mama Mojo Back can be purchased HERE and you can go through it step by step, knowing full well that hundreds of mamas have used these 10 Tips to get their shit together!

I will be hosting local (in Thunder Bay) meet-ups with our kids and giving back to our community. If you’d like to be a part of that, follow our Facebook page to get notified. HINT: It’s going to be a book swap for kids and adults! Follow us HERE.

There are many NEW things coming out this year with The Mojo Mama and Growing Globals and I cannot wait to share them with you all! If you were a part of what I did and how I grew this year, let me take this moment to thank you. You are incredible and I am so blessed to have you in my life. If you haven’t met me or worked with me yet, please reach out, let me know what you’re looking for, follow me, and see if I’m the woman who can help you in the New Year! (I have a suspicion that I am)! Xo