June 23, 2017 • BY Laurie Joy

What Most Moms are Missing in their Life & Why

If you aren’t investing in yourself, you’re missing out…big time!

Most moms these days think that school is for their kids.

When we think of school, perhaps we, as moms, remember back to high school, college or university…and for some of us, it’s been awhile since we’ve been in class, per se.

But I’m finding that the more I go on my journey at the Mojo Mama the more I am seeing that being ‘schooled’ has change…in a MASSIVE way. And if you want to up-level, change, tweak, shift or make your life better, then it’s time to hit the books so to speak.

And let me tell you that the game of being educated and schooled and ENRICHED has changed.

And being an educator for 20+ years I’m happy to say that it’s time it has changed, for the better.

Now, depending on your job you’ve probably had to do some training, workshops, attend presentations, go to meetings, in order to learn new concepts. Yes? Of course.

But when was the LAST time you invested in your own PERSONAL development?

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.” Click To Tweet

Here’s what I’m seeing…

  • Mamas want MORE in their lives and I think it’s about fucking time!
  • Moms are realizing that being a mother just isn’t the end all be all and that’s okay
  • Mamas are deciding that taking time out for themselves is not only good but necessary!
  • Mamas are seeing that they can learn new time and sanity saving tips to make their lives better each day 
  • That it’s about FREAKING TIME…that we as mamas put our needs on the table instead of putting what we want on the back burner
  • More mamas are realizing that if they don’t do it NOW it will often be too late. That enriching their lives means they also are being better parents, partners and people in general

Here is what ONE mama had to say just yesterday to me about her experience in INVESTING in herself:

Hello beautiful!

I want to take a moment and say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I continue to use tools I learned from you like scheduling, meal planning, eating at the table distraction free!!! I also have my jar that has my goals and dreams in it. I have one picked out right now that I am working on I continue to cross things off my 30 list! AND….I know what I want to do with my life now…it took me a while and after watching other Mamas set goals I was starting to feel lost. I have always had a sign business.. Also, we are home schooling our children. Not sure what your thoughts are on that being a teacher but our local school has not become a place for my children. I’d like to use the mountains, the lake and nearby areas to help my children learn. It’s a virtual learning program with the school located in my mom’s hometown. So very easy to travel to and spend time if we need help. It’s going to be a busy year with lots of change but it will be good change. I am scared shitless but who isn’t when it comes to change???

We aren’t touring the world in a winnabego, (pretty sure that is spelled incorrectly…lol) but I am excited to spend the time with my kids, helping them learn and running a family business from home.

We are getting pigs, have chickens and now home schooling. Feeling like homesteaders or hippies. Not sure yet….lol

Anyways….long rant.

Thank you for helping me get my shit together. -Angela

This makes my heart sing!

You know why? Besides the obvious, it’s because this mama took a FREE Challenge with me, and then took the Mojo Mama Recharge Course and look what she is doing for herself, her family and her children! #BlessHerCottonSocks

So…you may be thinking, okay, this sounds amazing but where do I start?

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My Question to You Is:

When was the last time you took a course or a class?
Post them in the comments below.

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