It’s a chance for you to come together with other mamas, meet new friends, learn new strategies, laugh, take a weekend out for yourself and begin to change your life!

When you leave a Mama Meet Up your life will be changed forever. I’m not being slight with my word choice, it’s true , and I guarantee it.

Not only are they fun, but they’re effective! Spending a weekend away from your family is no joke, and therefore, I take our time together very seriously!

So, when you come to hang with me and my Mama Posse you will be well taken care of. I will show you exactly how you can turn your shit show into your mojo once and for all.

Mama Meet Ups are a chance for me to meet you in person and allow me to teach you exactly how I turned my shit show into my mojo. I have foolproof strategies that work for moms. See how many moms have changed their lives by learning from me and partaking in my programs.

Meet ups are a full day on Saturday, a half day on Sunday and then a time to mingle and get to know one another.



  • I am here to light and fire you up! Too many mamas are living with a shit show and don’t have enough time for themselves and the ripple effect is being felt in our households ALL over the world!

    There is not enough support and ass kicking communities for mamas. A lot of mamas find themselves bogged down and unhappy in their daily lives. They don’t have a community of women that they can turn to for support, for tactics and strategies that can help them, and they need to vent to other mamas who GET THEM!


I want to MEET YOU! Yes, you! I want to give you a big ol’ mama bear hug and tell you it’s all going to change from this day forward! Because it can and if you choose to hang out with me, it will!

Let’s put pencil to paper and rock out some goals and how to get there. Disorganized? Not anymore, let’s look at what you do every day and fix that shit! Let’s talk about raising amazing kids, having loving relationships and all that jazz.

Let me introduce you to my Mastermind Mamas who are rocking their shit every day and making things happen! Hear what they have changed and LEARN from other mamas!

Now, I know you are a busy mama, so as a thank you for clearing your schedule and coming to spend the weekend with me, let me give you a special GIFT when you enter the room!


Every mama.

Every mama needs a helping hand. Every mama needs support & accountability. Every mama can be doing amazing things/work with what she has. Every mama deserves some time for her to learn new things and new ways she can be amazing at what she does!


You should bring your friend, neighbor, mother, sister-in-law, co-worker, workout buddy, aunt and hairdresser.


  • Laurie is an entrepreneur, mom, goal-crusher, visionary, straight-shooter, motivator and an entertaining speaker.

    She is a “Tell It Like It Is” mom entrepreneur with a passion for coaching, empowering and freeing OTHER moms from the daily grind by helping them turn their shit show into their mojo!

    She is a workout-loving, protein shake-drinking, book-reading, self-development enthusiast.

    She loves to laugh, and likes a well-made Caesar (the drink). She is happily married and a proud mama to a little boy. She’s no different than most women you’ll meet – she loves a good massage, tropical trips with the family, and can’t stand clutter!

    She has her MBA/BEd. She is cultivated, connected and convinced that moms need to wake the hell up! And she can’t wait to meet you!

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    the Mojo Mama?



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  • When will that dream of yours happen?
Will it take you a month? A year? Five years?
Do you have a plan to make it happen? Have you thought about the end in mind and worked backwards from there?

Or did you just say f*ck it and throw caution to the wind and fly away for that incredible trip you’ve been wanting to take with your family?
For example: we plan a family trip every year. A cruise (see highlights). In order for this to happen, we make minor adjustments to our daily lives so we can get on that ship and have 7-11 days in the fun & sun.
We eat out only 1 day a week.
We tell our son, when he wants something outside of birthdays and Christmas that it’s just not a priority right now.
We have a change jar that we all contribute to so we can see it filling up & helping us reach our goals.
Involve your kids. Make it a family priority. Start getting everyone excited and on board. Make it happen.

Life is too short, mama.
#travelmama #travelofig
  • Feel the fear but do them anyway!
And that’s what I’m trying to do.

While on vacay with the fam jam I am reading and thoroughly enjoying Help Me by @marianne_power_writer 📖 
In fact, there are many LOL moments & I’m loving it.
In one of the chapters, she decides to start her New Year by facing all her fears (or about 20 of them) and do them anyway. Some of them are public speaking, stand up comedy & posing naked!
While I am not doing any of those this trip, I am going to do a few things that would usually be a definite NO!
⚓️ Snorkelling
⚓️ Going down the water slides (that hang off the ship)
⚓️Surf on the Flowrider
I figure that life is short, and I won’t see a lot of these people ever again, so why not?
Cruising for me is all about learning and doing new things, and while the hubs and the son are great at that, I am not...until this week!
What is something that scares you out of your shorts, that you could try as well?
Join me in the fun!
#helpmebook #mariannepower #mamaisbrave
  • My 1st ‘big’ trip on my own was to New York with a buddy of mine. I had never been before. He had a friend who was having one helluva Christmas party, and so we went to it together.
The trip consisted of drinks, laughs, personalized shopping at DKNY, the best party ever with a penthouse view of NYC.
I was hooked.
Over the years I’ve traveled a lot on my own, with my students, with my friends and now with my family.
And I truly believe it makes us richer!
#growingglobals #cruisingfamily
  • Make time for you.
Make time to sit. 
Make time to reflect.
Make time listen to the waves.
Make time to give thanks. 
Always...make time for you, mama!
#cruisinglife #cruiseaddict
  • There is so much beauty in travel.
The people.
The places.
The food.
The culture.
The new experiences.
Here’s to enjoying a lifetime of adventures with your family.
#familytravel #cruisingfamily
  • There will never be a perfect time.
You might not have all the money saved.
You might think, maybe we will go next year!
From one mama to another, don’t wait. Plan as best you can, save as much as you can, bite the bullet and GO!
Go on an adventure.
Go see other places.
Go experiences other cultures.
Go eat incredible food.
Go meet amazing people.
Take your kids away from the bubble they live in and show them what life & travel is all about!
We all know that life is too short.
Be about adventure & go see shit with your kids. They will remember that over what they got under the tree at Christmas when they were ten.
#momswhotravelwithkids #kidsofig #momsofig

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