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Welcome Lovely!

You are a Mama on a Mission if you are reading this page!

What exactly is a Mama Mojo Mastermind?

  • Women who want to discover their life purpose and work towards accomplishing and crushing it!
  • Women who are looking for distinct change in their life and need some support to get there.
  • Women who are ready. Ready to begin to live their days with intentionality and purpose.
  • Women who aren’t afraid to lift other woman up and offer some time to help them accomplish their goals.
  • Women who realize that support and accountability is needed in order to move their life and goals to fruition.
  • Women who want THIS year to be THEIR year.
  • Women who know their self worth and now want to cash in on it!


  1. You have exclusive access to me!
  2. We have a separate Facebook Group – only open to a very small group of woman.
  3. Monthly Live Zoom Calls will be held where we all gather and share our success, and get live help from me. Where we all mastermind together and everyone gets time to state your struggles and successes to the whole group. And then, I hold you accountable.
  4. Access to Weekly Private Live Video Streams.
  5. A Mastermind Book Club. Leaders are readers and in this group we will expand our mind and our focus through a kick ass book.
  6. Guest Expert Teachings throughout the Mastermind.
  7. Weekly Accountability Posts.
  8. Featured Speakers at the Next Mama Mojo Meet Up.
  9. A Mama Mojo Mastermind Kit mailed to your door with treats and essentials for being a Mama Masterminder.

But… this group is not open to just anyone!

Why? Because I am only willing to work with go-getters. Women who want to drastically change their lives. I open this course up to the general public several times throughout the year, but I always give first dibs to my mamas who are in my free group, my courses or have attended my events.

This course will FILL. Will you be in it?

We are going to accomplish more in 4 months than you did all last year – and maybe many years!

Here are what some of the women have achieved by working with me for only 6 weeks!

Imagine what we can do in 4 months?

*Please inquire with Laurie Joy for one-on-one pricing.


“Before I met Laurie, my life was on autopilot. I was a stay at home mom of a 6 month old and a 2.5 year old. I was a mess. I had no sense of purpose and was drowning in the next load of laundry, the next meal, the next sleepless night. I knew I needed to change but was beyond exhausted and had no idea how.”

“I saw a post one day by this woman who was wondering if any moms wanted to change their shit show into their mojo. Um, yes please! I joined the 5 day challenge she was offering, and I started the beginning of my journey.”

“I took her 6 week course shortly after, attended her first annual Mama Mojo Meet Up, and then signed up for her Mastermind Group. I was able to wade through my hot mess of a self and gain clarity and focus on me. She gave me the guidance and tools for the baby steps I needed to start gaining control of my life, the time in my day, and the way I looked at who I was as myself, not just a mother or a wife. I no longer feel so much ‘mom guilt’ taking time out for myself, and I can be productive with that time, all thanks to The Mama Mojo, Laurie!”

-Megan B.

“Before I jumped on board with the Mojo Mama I was floundering through life. Year after year I would set the same New Year’s resolutions and year after year nothing changed.”

“I came across Laurie on Facebook and was immediately drawn to her energy. Her message spoke directly to me “turn your shit show into your Mojo”. I wasn’t sure this was possible, I had quite the shit show and I had no idea what happened to my Mojo. With nothing to lose, I decided to give it a try.”

“I started with a 5 day challenge and was hooked. I was amazed that a short challenge improved my life so drastically.”

“At that point I knew that Laurie was on to something. I kept up the momentum by joining her online groups. I kept pushing myself out of my comfort zone and signed up for the Mama Mojo Meet Up and met Laurie in person. Attending the meet up by myself, I knew I had found my tribe. Laurie brings together amazing mamas and pushes them to do amazing things!”

“I invested further in myself and joined the Mastermind program. The program helped me set amazing goals for the coming year and I’m happy to say that I’m on track to crush them! When my shit show starts to creep back in, I now have the tools and skills to bounce back. And for that I am forever grateful to Laurie Joy, the Mojo Mama”

-Athena G.

“As a working mother of four trying to run a home business, I have been living my life in a pretty constant state of overwhelm. I’ve often felt that I have more ‘stuff’ in my life than I have life.”

“Working with Laurie Joy through various challenges, courses, and ultimately the Mama Mojo Mastermind course has given me a clearer view of my priorities and allowed me to create a clear path to accomplishing my goals. During this process, I have paid off thousands of dollars in debt, created a plan for expanding my business, and even returned to school to earn my bachelor’s degree.”

“Through Laurie’s no-nonsense, tough love approach to accountability, I have been able to expand the expectations I have for myself and my life. I’m reaching beyond my limited view of reality to be, do, and have more I my life.”


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“Since the course, I feel like I’m back in control again.” “Laurie is a no-nonsense, no sugar coating it, tell it like it is coach. Before joining Mama Mojo my life was a real shit show – I was like a top – spinning all the time but not going anywhere! She taught me how to get organized, make time for myself in and organize my schedule. I then was able to find my passions again. Since the course, I feel like I’m back in control again – I am a work in progress but I now have a plan! I’m so glad Laurie helped turn my shit show into my mojo and I would definitely recommend her to moms of any age.”

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