March 30, 2019 • BY Laurie Joy

Getting Over My Own Twisted Body Image!

Truth: this picture landed in the never share to my Blog. Why? Because of those sweet little extra rolls on my back. And then I got to thinking, why are we so hard on ourselves? Why when I turn around and see those rolls that I immediately want to hide under an umbrella and then no one will see them? Because, I am human.

Son and I on a cruise spending time on the beach together.

What’s most important is that I’m in a bathing suit at the beach playing and laughing with my son. Not hiding under the umbrella for fear of my own twisted body image.
Our kids don’t care about the extra love handles we have, they care that we are making the time and playing the games with them and being present.

So here’s to sharing those moments with them, and loving ourselves more in the process.
Remember today that you are alive, loved, beautiful, worthy, and perfectly imperfect.
Raising children to love themselves starts with us mamas!