August 4, 2017 • BY Laurie Joy

You Don’t Need More Space

You Need Less Stuff!

Let me start by telling you a story, as this is where this week’s topic comes from.

Living on my parent’s street is a woman we will call ‘Evelyn’. Evelyn is an elderly woman who had her own home with little to no visitors. She didn’t have any children and her siblings hardly ever came by to visit.

We knew that Evelyn’s days of living on her own were coming to an end when we would see her walking to get groceries in the middle of the winter in capri pants and unsuitable shoes for the winter.

Rides were offered to Evelyn, but were refused every time.

A close eye was kept on her, as we helped her with her shovelling and made sure she was doing okay.

And then, there it was, the day that Evelyn moved out and on her front lawn was a large dumpster.

All of her things, her furniture, her possessions, the things that she had saved for and bought for herself over the years were now occupying the space within the large blue container.

The next stage of Evelyn’s life had begun, and she couldn’t take anything with her.

I am moved by the sight of the blue dumpster on Evelyn’s front lawn and very retrospective of my ‘possessions’.  

Do I really need all the shit I have?

Do any of us really need it?

Would I rather have trips and experiences than have a house full of stuff? Of course I would. Wouldn’t we all?

“If you use the right method and concentrate your efforts on eliminating clutter thoroughly and completely within a short span of time, you’ll see instant results that will empower you to keep your space in order ever after.” ~ Marie Kondo: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up


Here are some tips for you so you can begin to downsize your shit and have more workable money in your life in order to have experiences instead of things.


  1. Have a nighttime routine:
    • Clean/clear dishes
    • Vacuum
    • Throw away trash
    • Clean counter tops
    • Load the dishwasher
    • Prep the coffee maker
    • Wipe stove/cooking areas
    • Sweep kitchen floor
  2. Do a chore a day:
    • This could be your new plan. Perhaps chunking your de-cluttering and cleaning is easier if you do a little bit each day. If this is up your alley, here is what it can look like:
      • Monday: vacuum & dust
      • Tuesday: clean bathrooms
      • Wednesday: tidy kitchen
      • Thursday: do laundry
      • Friday: tidy bedrooms
      • Saturday: something from your chore list
      • Sunday: RELAX!
  3. Planning a Purge:  
    • While keeping up with the daily cleaning routines that we implement after this Work-It Weekend perhaps you focus on really going to town one month at a time and doing a complete purge of one area/thing in your home. Think about how great your house and your stress level would feel by the end of the year!
      • January: files and mail
      • February: household furnishings
      • March: kitchen/pantry items
      • April: medicine cabinet/make-up
      • May: freezer
      • June: sporting equipment
      • July: storage areas
      • August: clothes
      • September: toys
      • October: junk drawers
      • November: closets
      • December: dressers

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” ~ Nelson Mandela Click To Tweet

My Question to You Is:
How do you organize your house?  Or better yet, which one of these suggestions will you choose?  Let me know in the comments below.

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