February 16, 2020 • BY Laurie Joy

Crafting a Memory Board

Want to have an exceptional 2020? Then the key is to remember your 2019, acknowledge your accomplishments, see what you did right, and what you loved doing, so that you can move onto a healthy and vibrant New Year!

I was at a leadership convention in Las Vegas a number of years ago and John C. Maxwell was speaking…and was very entertaining and motivating! If you ever get the chance to hear him, you should! He told the crowd a story of a ritual that he and his wife do every New Year’s Eve. They make a reservation at a restaurant and just the two of them go out for a nice dinner. John, brings his day planner from that year and they begin in January and go through all they did until December 31st. They see the trips they went on, the audiences John spoke to, the trips they made with their family and grandkids and the constant updates to their goals and plans. He said they leave that restaurant more in love than when they came. Isn’t that adorable?

“The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda.”

-John C. Maxwell

Once I heard that story, I was hooked. And so the same ritual of going back over my year began. The first year I did it, I looked over my agenda. The second year I did it, I went through my photos on my phone, and made a Highlight reel on my Instagram and had a blast going through ALL the things that I had done on my own, with my mamas and with my boys. A lot is told through our pictures. And I continue to do this ritual each year.
But this year, I wanted to do something different. And so I wanted to commemorate those photos into something VISUAL, something that I could see and reflect upon each day. And this is how the Memory Board came to life.
We are visual people, most of us are visual learners, so why wouldn’t we have something VISUAL to look at? That’s why Vision Boards are so popular and so effective.
Let me walk you through the steps.

#1 Walmart has a kiosk that you can use with your phone in order to print your pictures. If I can use it, trust me, so can you. You can print them off in all different sizes, and you will see below in the picture that I put 4 of them on a sheet. They are mini and a perfect size for your board.

This is how the pictures print out. This is a normal 5 x 7 sheet with 4 mini pictures making it up.

#2 Once I had all my sheets printed, I started to cut them up and organize them into piles. There are a few reasons for this. The first is so that you can see where in your life you spent the most times. You can also see what moments brought you joy (no one is taking pictures when they’re having a shitty day), and you can also easily delineate WHO you gave your time to.

Here, you can see my friends. The ones who love me unconditionally and make me laugh SO MUCH! I want to be sure that I spend as much time with these women as I can.

#3 You will find you can have many sections to your board. Try to see where you had the most interaction with: friends, family, trips, accomplishments, where you stepped out of your fear, and what you loved doing. This will become clear in your pictures. The more you scroll through your year, the more you will see who, what, where, when, and why in them. Pay attention to that. Let that be your guide for not only looking back on your past year, but for moving forward!

Reasons I believe that we should look back on our previous years:

  • to see how far we have come
  • to reflect on all our good memories and events that happen in our lives
  • remind yourself you have a purpose and a mission in life
  • to see that you can get through anything that may have come up and know that with each new day there are new possibilities
My Finished Memory Board for 2019