November 21, 2017 • BY Cindy VA

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November 16, 2017 • BY Laurie Joy

Rise and Shine

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October 24, 2017 • BY Laurie Joy

Moms: Get Organized For Free!

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September 24, 2017 • BY Laurie Joy

So, You Have a Shit Show… Now What?

Never fear mama, we all do, just some women hide it better than others. Ever wonder how fucking great everyone’s life is while yours is a shit show? I bet this happens most while scrolling through Facebook and seeing everyone’s perfect house, with their perfect children, their perfect husbands and their perfect lives, right? Well, never fear mama because it’s …

September 15, 2017 • BY Laurie Joy

Worried Your Kid is Entitled?

A revolutionary series on how NOT to raise one! I once heard a story about a mother who had purchased two copies of her son’s books for school so he didn’t have to bring them home in his backpack. He had one set at school and one set at home. Keep in mind, he was a 6’0 strapping young man …