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Helping moms
all over the world
turn their SHIT SHOW
into their mojo!

in 10 Minutes or Less!


Helping moms
all over the world
turn their SHIT SHOW
into their mojo!

in 10 Minutes or Less!

I’m Laurie Joy, The Mojo Mama

and my passion is inspiring and empowering mamas of all ages, from all walks of life, from everywhere on the planet, to turn their shit show into their mojo, and live a life they deserve and love.

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“After Mama Mojo, I am inspired and excited to reach and surpass my goals.”

“Before Mama Mojo I was moving along in a ‘content coma’. There was nothing OBVIOUSLY wrong with my life but I was just going through the motions. Working, paying bills, putting everyone else’s needs first, keeping my energy up with coffee, bored and gaining weight daily. After Mama Mojo, I am inspired and excited to reach and surpass my goals. The Mama Mojo course and the supportive women in the group, helped me to reconnect with the feisty woman I used to be. I am feeling more alive and active. I am losing weight. I have energy without relying on coffee. I feel more confident, capable and organized. I know I will achieve everything I set my mind to now!”


“Laurie gave me the kick I needed to realize caring for me was not selfish… but actually the opposite. She helped me find my WHY and motivation needed to help move forward and find myself again.”

Before joining Laurie and Mama Mojo I was exhausted, frustrated with the day to day, and unsure where to even start “cleaning up” my life. Luckily Laurie’s 6 week program knew where I needed to start . I am a new mom to an almost three year old and a four month old. I am a social worker to adults and children with physical and mental disabilities. And I am a wife. I love all the roles I play daily, but lost the Kelly I know and love along the way.

My days were consumed with caring for others, helping others, and fixing others problems. Laurie gave me the kick I needed to realize caring for me was not selfish…but actually the opposite. She helped me find my WHY and motivation needed to help move forward and find myself again.

The support from Laurie and the other mom’s is so positive and I never once felt judged. I now feeling more like the Kelly I once was! I still have a long path ahead of me but I now have a strong foundation and happier mindset to push through.

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  • It's a Mother’s Day Giveaway!
CONTEST CLOSED! Congrats to @schemaphotography for winning a 30 minute scheduling/organizing call with me! 😍
Who rules the worlds, Beyonce? MOMS! That’s who! 
And we are on a countdown to the day that celebrates YOU, mama! 
I’m excited! For you, for me, for all the mamas in the world.
So, in the spirit of May 12th and to love on all the mamas we have here, 
I am sharing a wonderful GIVEAWAY with you all! 
Here are the deets & rules:
1. Be sure to ❤️ this post & follow me! 
2. Tag a fellow mama in the comments 👇
3. The more you do this, the more entries you get!
4.WIN...a 30 minute call with me and I will organize your WEEKLY schedule in that time. Share my best tips, give you some advice, and you will walk away with the time to implement all your NEEDS, WANTS, DESIRES, so you can live a less hectic life and hit your goals!
Contest will run until May 10th and the winner will be announced LIVE here on May 12th! 
The methods that I will share with you, have changed the lives of 100’s of mamas that have already gone through this process. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get a FREE coaching call with me and leave with your sanity in tact and ready to conquer your mama days! 
Some mamas have said: “Shout out to Laurie Joy for teaching me to schedule, I was feeling overwhelmed last week and was so sure I’d never find the hours needed to get it all done, I was wrong! LOL

All I needed to do was to sit down in my own space, make my list and find the time. This is a new week and I’m happy to report I survived last week, got everything done that I needed, and onto a whole new list of things to do, LOL!" Angela S. “I just wanted to tell you all that I am so excited! I'm implementing all the positive changes Laurie​ taught me and checking things off my lists! Thank you so much Laurie it's a great feeling!" Lindsay W. “I love how my schedule looks this week. I am so excited for our trip away...I honestly don't think it would  be happening without the changes I have made from the 'lists' and from the kick in the ass from Laurie to make my life better! Can't thank Laurie enough! Stacie R.
  • Hello, my name is Laurie and I’m a addicted to the timer on my phone! 
Whew! There. I said it!

Who else is addicted to timers? I cannot be the only one?

Why am I addicted to timing & organizing? Because...I am a mom, a wife, a full time teacher, a part-time professor, an owner of 2 online businesses, a network marketer, a volleyball coach, a woman who likes to work out 4-5 times a week, someone who makes time for family (especially my Granny), I host events, I’m a speaker, a trainer, a mama motivator, and I like to have some FREE time me for me!

That’s a lot of things. But I’m no different or more/less busy that you. You have a shit ton of stuff going on as well! Am I right? ❤️ But one thing I won’t use an excuse is, “I’m so busy!” So here are some things I do daily to free up sometime on my schedule: 🎯 Use a timer. It’s called the Pomodoro Effect & it’s fricking fantastic. Whether it’s going to be a quick clean up sesh, a scroll through Fbook, a peek at Pinterest or some time on your home biz, I ALWAYS set a timer. It helps to keep you focused & and on task. 🎯 I use music and make it fun! So most nights when the house looks like a bomb 💣 went off in it, I ask our Google Home to play a great song and my family & I clean and pick up our stuff to the music. We dance & sing and clean! It’s brilliant! 🎯 When I have a task to do and I know I need to stay focused, I set the timer on my phone and hammer it out! I decide ahead of time how long I will spend on it and then only do that task for that time. This usually happens when it comes to cleaning a disaster area in my home. Like my laundry room. 🧺 
If you’re a timer girl then you need to tell me what you use it for 👇

If you’re new to this whole timer thingy, WELCOME! Let me know how you make out! 
#cleanmyhouse #organizedhome #organizedlife
  • If it’s not in your schedule, you’re fucked!

Let’s just put that out there.
If you want to accomplish something...ANYthing and you don’t have it in your planner, you’re done before you’ve even begun.

After helping hundreds of mamas get their shit together, the #1 thing they tell me that has changed their life was SCHEDULING!
I’ve taken them through so many things and they ALL agree that if it wasn’t for my scheduling hacks, they would be where they were, stuck, in a rut, overwhelmed, busy, and never EVA doing something for themselves. 
Now that’s what I call a shit show. A mom not getting everything in life she deserves. And I know if you’re following me & reading this, you have either felt that way at some point in your motherhood, or are still feeling that way now.

So, here’s what I can help you do to get out of overwhelm and into a life that just feels better. You deserve at least that!

Catch my stories when I do my ‘Scheduling Sundays’ or download the ‘get out of overwhelmed mom jail resource’ I have for you in the link 🔗 in my Bio 👇

An organized mind is far more productive then a scattered one. Could this be the day you get out of overwhelm? It could be.
#organizedmama #plannerjunkie
  • Is this you?
Wondering how those ‘other’ moms get everything done & you have a to-do list a mile long?

If you need more time in your day, week, or month, you need to be more organized!

And maybe you’re thinking right now, no shit Sherlock! But let me ask you what you do before your week begins to set you up for success?

Let me ask you what you do during the week to keep you on task?

Do you have a plan? Do you have a system? Or are you the woman with Post-It notes all over the house or random lists written on pieces of random paper?

Now, no judgement passed but let’s start with some easy things to get some wins during the week.

1. Find a paper planner that you like.
2. Sit down on a Sunday night for 15-20 mins when the kids are in bed and physically write down what you have coming up in your week. 
3. Write down all your non-negotiables for the week. What appointments, games, lunch dates, work trips, or kid’s activities.

And start there. Give your time the attention it needs. Because when you have more time, you have more freedom! 📚 Also, if you have a fave planner let me know what it is in the comments 👇
#moretimemorefreedom #getorganized #paperplanner
  • I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, when I met this incredible bombshell! 🎶 
She sat at my table & we’ve been friends for more than 20 years!

We’ve shared laughs, loss, successes & failures. But mostly laughs! 
This weekend we are sharing our love of being our best. And I’ve been doing this with my dear friend Leanne for 7 years! 
I look forward to these trips not only for the love of the products but for the people. 
The people who stay with you for the long haul. The people who believe in you. The people who genuinely love you. The people who want to be and stay in your corner. 
Thanks Leanne for being my bestie!
#besties #girlsonig #grateful
  • While in hot yoga last night we were urged, at the end, to be present and to experience the now.
And sometimes that’s hard. But today, right now, I urge you to take some time to count your blessings today.

What can you be grateful for?
Because the more often we do this, the happier & more content we will be.
Stop dwelling in the past. That shit is done & gone.

And what’s coming, we just don’t know.

But if you’re reading this, you my dear, are blessed! Be thankful for that! In fact, what’s 1 thing you can tell me why YOU are so fucking blessed 👇
#blessedlife #iamblessed #sofuckingblessed #blessed #gratitudeismyattitude #grateful ##mombreak #momtimeout #lifeasamama #parenthood_moments #joyfulmamas #ourcandidlife #myhonestmotherhood #clubmomme #mytinytribe #igmotherhood

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