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Helping moms
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turn their SHIT SHOW
into their mojo!

in 10 Minutes or Less!


Helping moms
all over the world
turn their SHIT SHOW
into their mojo!

in 10 Minutes or Less!

I’m Laurie Joy, The Mojo Mama

and my passion is inspiring and empowering mamas of all ages, from all walks of life, from everywhere on the planet, to turn their shit show into their mojo, and live a life they deserve and love.

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“After Mama Mojo, I am inspired and excited to reach and surpass my goals.”

“Before Mama Mojo I was moving along in a ‘content coma’. There was nothing OBVIOUSLY wrong with my life but I was just going through the motions. Working, paying bills, putting everyone else’s needs first, keeping my energy up with coffee, bored and gaining weight daily. After Mama Mojo, I am inspired and excited to reach and surpass my goals. The Mama Mojo course and the supportive women in the group, helped me to reconnect with the feisty woman I used to be. I am feeling more alive and active. I am losing weight. I have energy without relying on coffee. I feel more confident, capable and organized. I know I will achieve everything I set my mind to now!”


“Laurie gave me the kick I needed to realize caring for me was not selfish… but actually the opposite. She helped me find my WHY and motivation needed to help move forward and find myself again.”

Before joining Laurie and Mama Mojo I was exhausted, frustrated with the day to day, and unsure where to even start “cleaning up” my life. Luckily Laurie’s 6 week program knew where I needed to start . I am a new mom to an almost three year old and a four month old. I am a social worker to adults and children with physical and mental disabilities. And I am a wife. I love all the roles I play daily, but lost the Kelly I know and love along the way.

My days were consumed with caring for others, helping others, and fixing others problems. Laurie gave me the kick I needed to realize caring for me was not selfish…but actually the opposite. She helped me find my WHY and motivation needed to help move forward and find myself again.

The support from Laurie and the other mom’s is so positive and I never once felt judged. I now feeling more like the Kelly I once was! I still have a long path ahead of me but I now have a strong foundation and happier mindset to push through.

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  • I’m not one to post food pics...as you can see from my feed. But a friend of mine and I have decided to do an 11 Day Shred (as we prep for some trips to the tropics) and I had to share this meal!
I mean, look at this!
My mouth is watering as I’m typing this!
Here’s how this salmon rice bowl is done:
1 cup Jasmine rice
1.5 cups water 
Juice from 1/2 large lime
2 tbsp minced fresh cilantro
1 Tbsp honey
3 Tbsp veggie or chicken stock
2 8oz salmon fillets skin on
1 Tbsp lime juice
1 Tbsp honey
2 Tbsp minced cilantro
1 ripe avocado
1 Tbsp lime juice
1 Tbsp minced cilantro
1/4 tsp chilli powder (less for milder topping)
Eating healthy is so easy sometimes and super delicious. Here’s to looking good and feeling even better.
Want to know what my 11 Day Shred is all about? Just send me a message on here! 
#fitmama #fitmomsofig
  • I know. It’s hard.
When someone suddenly decides that you’re no longer worthy of their time or love, it’s hard not to focus on them.
But, for a minute, stop to think of those who do.
Aren’t these the people who should consume our thoughts?
The love us even:
Without always doing things right.
People who love you if you swear too much (guilty).
People who love if you try to do something that’s different or not run of the mill.
People who love you if you want to change your lifestyle.
So instead of trying to convince others that we’re worthy of their love & friendship, let’s just keep those that already do top of mind and in our lives.
#wholovesyoubaby #loveme
  • Gratitude 🙏 
Such a simple yet important practice to have in our daily lives.
Gratitude for our families.
Gratitude for our health.
Gratitude for our freedom.
My question is: are you teaching your children gratitude?
Do you have a practice to incorporate with them?
In our house, we do this nightly before bed.
I share 3 things I’m grateful for that day, and I ask my 9 year old son to do the same.
Sometimes we will do it as a family at the dinner table.
Teaching gratitude and then also showing it ourselves is key.
Are you thankful for the people who teach your children?
Are you thankful for the people who coach your children?
You know what? You should be. Keep in mind those people who coach and teach and volunteer with your kids have families too. Families that they spend time away from.
Be grateful for the opportunities and expertise they offer your children, and today, say thank you!
#gratitude #begrateful
  • I’m talking to you, mama!

You my dear, are the damn tree!

You are the one who needs to be taking better care of yourself. You need to be putting yourself first. And maybe not all the time, but at least once in a fucking while!
I often will make time for me and for friends. For wine on Fridays, and laughs at dinners, and solo sessions at the gym.
Here’s my challenge to you:
Can you in the next month...
🎯 Reach out to a friend
🎯 Surroung yourself with other mamas who are working on themselves too (in fact, come into my Fbook Group and let me help & inspire you)
🎯 Click the link in Bio
🎯 Decide that you’re worth it. For real. No more bullshit. No more putting yourself last. No more pushing your wants & dreams aside!
🎯 Make a date with yourself in February and love yourself enough to do it!

And then tell me about it. Let me celebrate it with you! Let me be your cheerleader! ⭐️
Let me be the mama who supports and loves on you. It’s what I do best!
#shitshowtomojo #helpmemama 
#mombreak #momtimeout #lifeasamama #parenthood_moments #joyfulmamas #ourcandidlife #myhonestmotherhood #clubmomme #mytinytribe #igmotherhood #thehappynow #mynameismama #acupofmotherhood #dailyparenting #stopdropandmom #unitedmomsnetwork #storytellingmama #motherhoodinspired #momdevelopment
  • Book Swap...a success!
I was so excited to see SO MANY people attend our 1st Gift Back of 2019! Even with the chilly temps outside.
But it was nice & warm in the @sgbco and the books were overflowing!
All of those who came out, you can feel good that you supported @growingglobals and 100% of your funds went to building libraries in schools in Kenya!
Those schools are built by @villageimpact and we are happy to supper what they do!
And all remaining books will be donated to the @fayepetersonhouse here in Thunder Bay.
My heart is full and many thanks are to be given out:
✨To the people who attended and supported my mission.
✨To @sgbco for their donation & being a proud owner of Business Membership with us!
✨There are a lot of perks to having a membership with us!
Stay tuned to see what those are and when you can join us!
  • No matter how old or young you are, when it’s time to choose a better life, there’s no time like the present!
Over the years of coaching mamas to be their best I’ve had grandmothers join us for a dose of reality & a light ass kicking!
I respect those women a lot!
Deciding that you’re going to reinvent yourself at a later age, find a new way to live your life, put yourself first, among other things is super fucking cool!
So if you’re stuck, and looking for a community of kick ass mamas who want to change, even just slightly, then I invite you...as cordially as I can on here to join my mama group.
❤️Moms Make a Difference❤️
Each Monday is our weekly challenge.
Wednesday is recipe day.
Thursday I’ll share some of my best tips with you.
Friday we’ll have fun!
Sunday I will be Live!
That alone is worth the price of admission! (which is free)
This year I’m all about surrounding myself with incredible ladies and I’d love to meet you!👇
Search: Moms Make a Difference on Fbook and I will see you there! 
#igmoms #momsupport ————————————- #momguilt #getorganized  #learnnewthings #momtruths #travel #momdeservesthebest 
#mamamojo #momguiltisreal #mamamojomessages #writtenmessages #itsyourtime #mamalove #momguiltsucks #mom #momlife #mommyandme #mommakeover #learnnewthingseveryday

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